Antioch High School

Sports Medicine


When:Every day after school from 3:00 to 5:30

Where:Athletic training room, classroom, team practices or at AHS games

What We Do:

  • 1.      tape and wrap AHS student athletes after school
  • 2.      learn and practice new taping/ wrapping techniques
  • 3.      help prepare student athletes for games and practices
  • 4.      recognition and evaluation if injuries
  • 5.      rehabilitation of injuries
  • 6.      work with AHS sports teams
  • 7.      read and discuss current and improving trends in Sports Medicine
  • 8.      read and discuss current surgical techniques and how to rehabilitate from those surgeries
  • 9.      will do labs and write-ups for those labs
  • 10. advance discussions on topics covered in class


  • come on days that you can or when you want, no set schedule of when you have to come
  • can stay for half an hour or all 2.5 hours each day
  • after school snacks are provided on most days
  • can be used to make up class labs, work on evaluations or taping that are being tested in class or to make up a test you were absent from


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