Antioch High School


Who We Are

The Peer Advocates Program is a program which focuses towards making a better tomorrow. We work together as a group and create team building activities and learn real world communication skills. We take on a variety of mediations and one on ones, dealing with personal at home problems, to problems with other students. We also create projects which we present to the underclassmen in hopes of having them learn about real world problems such as different types of bullying that can occur on campus and even outside of school. 

How To Reach Us

Are you a student in need of someone to talk to? Do you have a problem with another student? Well, Look No Further!!!!!!

Come on down to Room 1122!!! ! Our fabulous teacher Mrs. Sweitzer is here to help YOU (yes, you.) set up an appointment with a peer. You can also spot a Peer Advocate™ by the badges we wear or talk to any staff member to reach us. 

Peer Advocates 2015-2016

Getting Their Badges