Antioch High School

Foreign Language

Flores, Alicia (925) 779-7550 ex.61115 Spanish I, II and Spanish for Native Speakers
Guerrero, Ali (925) 779-7550 ex.61616 Spanish II, III, III Honors
JUAREZ SAN, Eugenio Teacher
Quinones, Rebecca (925) 779-7550 ex.61116 Foreign Language Department Chair, AP Spanish, Spanish II, Spanish I
Savacool, Sara (925) 330-0696 French 1,2,3 & 4

Introducing Sr. Juarez!

Introducing Sr. Juárez

2015-2016 Teachers

Meet the teachers!

AHS Foreign Language Teachers 2012-2013

AHS Foreign Language Teachers
Argentina Chile Colombia Bolivia Cuba Ecuador Francia Honduras Nicaragua Venezuela Guatemala España México Panamá Paraguay Perú Puerto Rico Uruguay Repúublica Dominicana El Salvador Costa Rica
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Mrs. Jaffers is taking students to Spain again this summer!  The group will visit several cities throughout Spain and enjoy many cultural and tourist attractions, all while practicing their Spanish.  This is truly a wonderful opportunity!

Please visit Portable 15 for details.

Students and parents are welcome to join us!