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Gallegos, Trine (925) 997-3453 Community outreach
Myers, Maria (925) 779-7550 ex.60089 Staff
Sanchez, Steve (925) 779-7550 ex.60111 Teacher

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WELCOME to the Antioch High School Boosters Club. This Club provides information for parents, alumni, and other community members who support Antioch High School and also provide up to date sports schedules, calendar of events and action photos for all of our athletic programs.  All of the positions at the Antioch Boosters Club are on a volunteer basis. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated group of parents, coaches and community members working to provide the best opportunities for AHS athletes. 

Annual Membership fee: $12.00

Our Fundraiser:


Booster meetings are held in the Career Center.
Please join us and support the AHS Athletic Program! 

President: Open
Vice Pres: Trine Gallegos
Treasurer: Maria Myers
Staff Representative: Steve Sanchez