Antioch High School

REACH Counselor

Cecilia Perez
Cecilia Perez Prevention Specialist M, T & W 1:30-5pm Autoshop classroom


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REACH student support services are geared to achieve positive school-related behaviors leading to sustained classroom learning, school rule compliance, attendance and constructive interactions with others. Students learn about positive behavior, prevention rather than reaction, effective communication, stress management, decision-making, self-control, steem building, and life skills among other skills to help teens succeed in school and life.

Positive Community Alternatives, since 1970


The REACH Project goal is to advance safe, healthy and accountable behavior among youth for the betterment of the individuals, their families and the community.


REACH Project was created in 1970 by community members to respond to concerns over the influence of negative youth behaviors and its effect on families. REACH's aggressive approach, combines local services and resources dedicated to strengthening living and learning environments.


REACH provides school-site student assistance programs for Antioch Unified School District focusing onschool attendance, improved grades, positive school behaviors, enhanced study practices and strengthened parent relationships. REACH also actively participates on Student Attendance and Review Boards conducting early identification and counseling services.

Strengthening Pillars of Character

TRUSTWORTHINESS: Don’t Deceive, cheat or steal, be reliable and do as you say

 REACH Skills: Decision Making & Building Effective Relationship

RESPECT: Treat others with respect, be tolerant of differences

REACH Abilities: Communication & Problem Solving

RESPONSIBILITY: Accountability, think before you act

REACH Techniques: Critical Analysis, Cost & Reward

FAIRNESS: Listen to others, don’t blame carelessly

REACH Practices: Strengths-Based Goal Setting

CARING: Help those in need, express gratitude

REACH Aptitude: Expanding Views         

CITIZENSHIP: Cooperate, be good to others

REACH Foundation: Youth for Positive Change