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Graduate with one or more certifications in Java Programming, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, & more!


Ever taken pictures of obtuse angles with your phone, peer-edited an essay without paper, or given video feedback?  We’ll be using your 21st century skills to help you learn!


Many of our projects will be to support businesses and individuals in the community. Imagine creating a website for the local animal shelter, installing a network for the Veteran's Hall. The community is your classroom!

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Media/Tech Academy

Welcome everyone, 


By joining the Media Tech Academy at Antioch High School, you become part of an even larger family, the NAF family. The National Academy Foundation provides resources and opportunities to aid in your journey to becoming College and Career Ready! To find out more about NAF, CLICK HERE. To see a list of the many companies supporting NAF and/or NAFTRACK Certification, CLICK HERE.

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Employer Tracker

10th, 11th, and 12th Graders, Please complete the form located at the following link. We are very interested in who is employing our students. This ...more

NAFTrack Certification

Work Based Learning and our Advisory Board

As a student in the academy, you will be exposed to creative Work Based Learning opportunities. Our Advisory Board, comprised of local business owners and managers, supplies our students with projects, resources, and other opportunities for students to use their learning in real world scenarios. Recently our Advisory Board member, Delta Diablo Sanitation, provided the opportunity for our students to make a company promotional video. By enabling students to come to their place of business, interview their employees, and record video of their processes, our 11th grade Digital Video students were able to make a video introducing Delta Diablo Sanitation to the customers in their service area. The video may be accessed on their company website , on youtube and also on our Media Tech Website. Check it out below!

Afterschool ROAR Student Support Calendar

Today: 5/22/17


The Media Arts & Technology Academy seeks to build a community of self-directed learners who specialize in communication, collaboration, and creative problem solving and demonstrate learning through creating, maintaining and presenting web-based & mobile applications, games, film and other integrated media & performance-based exhibitions.

Academy Staff

Chaffins, Helen
Collins, Patrick
Henderson, Harold
Math Teacher
Jones, Monica
Department Chair Publications Adviser
Lewis, Tracey
Academy Director and Computer Science/Web Design Instructor
Martin, Brenda
Means, Lane
Education Specialist/Teacher
NARAYAN, Marilyn
Rocha, Louie
Sanchez, Marlo
Media Tech Academy
Sullivan, Danielle
Susoev, Erin
WOLFE, Jenine



Media/TECH students will demonstrate mastery of their academic standards by creating and using technology and media tools such as:

¨ Digital Video

¨ Live Streaming of School Events

¨ Web Pages / Campaigns

¨ Mobile & Web Apps

¨ Computer Networks

¨ Multimedia Presentations

¨ Game design and Programs

¨ Video Conferencing

¨ ...and more!